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One of the best parts about Berlin life is hanging out in parks on lazy summer days, and Mauerpark is very much part of that lifestyle (but don’t rule winter out completely, as then Mauerpark makes for great sledding fun for the whole family)! Mauerpark (“Wall Park”) is so named because the former Berlin Wall used to run along the Park between Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding. A 300 metre part of the Wall still remains on the hill surrounding the Park (along the back of the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn soccer stadium) and is a hub for budding graffiti artists to publicly try out their skills. On any given day, Mauerpark buzzes with signs of urban life, from buskers, full live bands, jugglers, karaoke singers and graffiti artists, to social groups enjoying a barbecue or a bicycle rendezvous through this magical corner of Berlin.

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