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Peter Fechte Memorial

Description: A year after the construction of the Berlin wall (1962) brick layer Peter Fechte and his friend tried to escape East Germany at a section of wall just near checkpoint Charlie. After observing the guards they made a run for it and made over the death strip (a stripe of land that gave the border guard a free field of fire) to the Berlin Wall itself. Peter’s friend was lucky enough to get over the wall although Peter was shot through the pelvis and slumped down back into the death strip in plain view of hundreds witnesses. Despite his screams for help neither the West Berlin Police nor the East German border guides did anything (apparently for fear of being shot at by the opposing side). After one hour he had bled to death, which lead to a massive demonstration in West Berlin. An hour after Peter’s death the East Germans picked up his body and carried it back to East Berlin, he was just 18 years old. On the memorial it states that “he just wanted freedom”. In 1997 two of the former border guides that fired on Perter (the third one had already passed away) were sentenced to less than 2 years for this crime.

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